Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Attachment to Shanghai , FedEx (Sykes) , Batch 3 [Mika & Sarah]

23 Nov 2013 - 16 Feb 2014

  Our trip to Shanghai for internship was definitely fascinating and enjoyable .It is almost the same as the movie "THE INTERNSHIP" where 2 middle-aged man went internship at GOOGLE. Just in our case ,our attachment was with FedEx (Sykes) situated in Shanghai.Our job scope was also much simpler as we are required to assist customer's technical issues with FedEx system through email and phone ! 

So let us begin our adventures for the 2.5 months in Shanghai. There are a lot of highlights but we try to make it short and sweet so it will stay interesting.

Lets go!
From the day we board the plane <23 Nov.10 am.China Eastern Airlines.>

Sarah : I was fortunate that my uncle's colleague was able to fetch us from the airport to hotel as after all it's my first time to China. My buddy and I were bought to Shanghai Min for our first meal & I appreciated that we were guided by my uncle's colleague and wife how to board the train and other necessities :)

Below are a few photos that we took when we touched down in Shanghai. 
In the bus from Airplane to Airport 

First Coffee in Shanghai (Starbucks)
First Dinner in Shanghai 
Our Motel Front view

First Month in Shanghai 

Here's an album of photos of our highlights in Shanghai for the first month .

Sarah: The first month in Shanghai was more of knowing Shanghai better by exploring the neighborhood stalls, getting on hands the tasks we are assigned for our attachment and getting used to the cold weather. It was very interesting to explore Shanghai while is bigger than Singapore like 5 to 10 times? It was like an adventure! I feel fortunate that my buddy(Mika)'s papa bought us to enjoy good food and stuffs.

Second Month in Shanghai 

The second month in Shanghai was fantastic as we get to enjoy bonding session with our colleagues in Sykes,FedEx Express as we celebrate special occasion together. 

Sarah: I am really lucky to have colleagues to celebrate my birthday for me and of cause, my beloved buddy , for being there when I am sick due to the change in weather conditions. As there are alot of highlights, We will each share a few individual photos with a short description :)