Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Period 1: Week 12

Our final week in Shanghai and with the company. Bid our farewells..

With Peter, Our Trainer! 

With many other colleagues!!!

Goodbye SYKES, thank you for the past 3 months of amazing experience and care. We have learnt and grown so much over the brief period that we were here. We had so much fun and gained so many new friends! Once in a lifetime experience, thank you Mr Victor Chua for giving us this opportunity. Farewell FedEx!

Period 1: Week 11

Visit to 上海野生动物园!

Hey I'm here to feed you~

I'm resting...DO NOT DISTURB ME!


Little Sheep~


King of the Beast :)


Look at this Spider Monkey

What are you staring at? 

Period 1: Week 10

Chilling out at 南京路步行街 once again...

Look at the size of this Apple Store :)

With Elaine's friends! 

Look at her BANGS! :D:D:D:D

Period 1: Week 9

Visit to 复兴公园!

Amazing place, wish we can come back here again